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Update: Shoes at Bush

I don't kow if you will remember but a couple of day s ago there was an incident where Bush was talking in Iraq and a journalist threw both his shoes at him!

Well I saw a news update.

the journalist is now out of jail:

Quote of the day:

"Hunger: One of the few cravings that cannot be appeased with another solution."

hungry and bored and boredddddddddd

ok. so since starting to blog I just blog randam thing like cloudless windows and stuff.

update on my so called boring life:

I still havn't started to loss any weight ......... that may have to do with not going to gym and not cutting back / stop eating fry fooda and choclate and ice cream and sweets and crisps......

I still havn't improved my wardrobe.

Still havn't found anyone remotly close to marrying me. and the parents are staring talking about it alread. like hello im 21 not 25!!! but i get where they are coming from.

Spend too much time on facebook play that tycoon thing.

Spend to much time on PC's and loptops all day. seriously my job is at a PC., 95% of my working day. then i go home watch TV, and eat then im on the laptop.

I still hate 1 person in my office and i still get pissed off with her and nearly strangle her. Got presured into changing my desk to face her !!! lovley. aCtually not htat bad as my laptop screen blocks her face and atleast she can't keep look at my screen to see what im doing. nosey bitch.

Still got my back to the door so i have to turn around and look at everyone who walks in.

Can't belive how boring and sad i have become. What with most of my mates in uni or working we never get to see anyone.

My job has not improved that much. I still love what I do but it's been a quite few months workwise and then when i get work i get shitload to be done today. but the shit will hit the fan next year. litreally as not everyone uses these systems but from next academic year they will be compulsory. and compliance at the college i work at is 1.4% and those are the peple already using it.

soo this is how boring my life is that the most i have to write about is my job!!!

ok so im gonna go to lunch now but first i will go see this idiot of an ex-line manger who doesn't know how to do shit.

Im not bitter. not bitter at all.

KMH: started watching

So for the past month I have started watching this program.

oh and spending too much time on facebook. playing that tycoon game.

Spots. I hate you!!!!

As you can see I am a very bad blogger. I have't blogged in agessssss.

Anyways. April so far has been quite intresting and boring.

Ussally i don't get many spots and when i do they don't botehr me so much. But it really bothered me!!! And not just 10 minutes ago i saw my sis and her friend who also had to commment on it.

In terms of other things going on in my life.

I watched some weird films - rat race and Little miss sunshine.

I have been reading a lot recently as well. Just a lot of fiction. I have quite a few non-fiction i need to read

this post is so boring you should read it at night so you can fall a sleep!!!

I just seem to be in a weird mood today.

Cloudless Windows

yes you read that right -

cloudless windows. if only there was a way so that all we saw out of a window was the blue sky and no clouds.

You know like see only the good not the bad or ugly.

Anyway the reason i bring up this werid and wonderful topic is becuase i had a really weird dream a couple of weeks ago. you see the office i work in has half a wall of glass windows ( not nice ones just old ones) and the only thing you can see out of them is the the building oppisite whic is an extension to our building. We are on the 3rd floor (top floor) and all we see unlike other people is the side of a building a genarater (which is very noisey) and students smoking and shouting!! lovely. Any way in this dream i came into work and ther cartakers were there putting in new glass windows and extending the size of my room.and they turned round and said to me that they are no ordinary windows but cloudless windows! And somehow the building oppisite had disappeared.

What a werid and twisted dream??

Quote of my day / post:

Sometimes you just can't explain something.

Weather bugs

My life since my last update - weird, wonderful, hateful, clumsy, annoying !! The waether has been good! suprising in little old england.

Can't think of anything other ways to bore myself so this will do for now.

Crazyyyyyy people in my life!


I am begining to wounder if I am one of those people who just happens to always have the bad luck of encontoring the crazy schemed friends, crazy schemed reletive and well just plain crazy people in my life.


For the past few week i keep ahving weird enconter witht he stargest of people and having to deal with the crazy schemed reletives so of them even being quite close relation to me.

Quote of my day / post:

Oh! Wot a weird and weirder world we live in.

This week so far

So last week I was having a dizzy few days and I got a lot more organised by the end of the week and the weekend was ok. but start of this week has been even more dipsy then then last week. Yesterday afternoon I thought I had got most thing organised until I got home and remembered I hadn't paid my council tax and had left my other bag of stuff at work. This morning was a continuation of similar behaviour.

My mood now

I am in a weird mood... (no surprise there) but I have just got back from lunch and am slightly annoyed with the people in the cafeteria coz I went downstairs to buy my lunch and they had food I didn't want for lunch. When I finished I went to put me tray away and realised that they now have Scampi and chips......SCAMPI AND CHIPS. ( by the way - i loveeeeeeee scampi and chips)

I am soooooooooo annoyed!Ii would have really loved to have scampi and chips. Like really really loved scampi and chips!

Oh and by the way....

(ii don't think i have told you this)

I have a love affair with food, especially sugar, chocolate and cakes and fast food and other indulgent foods.

Quote of the day which sums up my day / post:

Choclate the OTHER major food group!

What a week ... but i seem to be back now.


The floor wanted my luch more than i did and the jacket potato i had afterwards was not nice either.


and to top it off I obviously was missing the floor outside as i decided to hug it at 11 oclock along with all the ice! so nice and warm! not.


Manged to have a total conversation with my boss and forget what i was asked to do so got a bit of a talking to on Friday afternoon!

and for some reason i have been moody and snapping at home 2 nights in a row which has resulted in me going to bed pissed off.

So for some reason this passed 2 week i have managed to go back to being my clumsey old self!!!!

Quote of my day / post:

Sometimes you just can't break a bad bad pattern.


I feel like a ZOOMBIEEEEEEE!

what can I say but this is how I feel due to lack of sleep and being soooo busy.

Went down to London yesterday and I must say I haven't been on the tube in a while. Went to an IT training thing and it seem a bit more like a sales pitch. It was ok thought becuase I meet some otehr people who do simalar job to mine.

oh and I got on the wrong train back so it took me an extra 45 mins to get home.

Quote of the day which sums up my day / post:

Sometimes you need to break the pattern.

Shoes to a Bush

Even though I watched 2 films on TV yesterday one of the funniest things I sawed was during the quick channel 5 news Bush nearly being hit by 2 shoes.

Now I congratulate this person .......

He has done something that nobody else has done yet ( well known ) I might even join the facebook page to congratulate him.

Quote of the day which sums up my day / post:

There is still humour in the world.

2 days off and now my heads in the clouds...... birds, move out ma way!

I'm not sure what mood I'm in. I seem to be in some sort of daze. Things are going sooo great....

but for some reason Eid day did not seem as it should and we even had the most of the family together.. we even went down to London and we even saw more members of our family than usual but still it did not feel like Eid.., yesterday was spent

Even though I was still late to work today (half hour) I'm in a greeeeeeeeat mood at the moment this may be because I finished most of my work on Friday when i finished all my work except a few things by staying behind for an hour but that's OK as I came in late today. See everything can work out OK.........

sometimes. and its usually the small things in life, things we should be able to control anyway .... (madgal goes into thoughts for ages)........

At the moment I'm listening to songs from U, Me aur Hum and Zara Sa because these are a few of the songs I am in the mood to listen to at the moment. oh and some songs from Welcome.

and for some reason I'm hungry...............

Motivational Message

She will kill me for doing this but heck im gonna do it anyway coz this is how I feel like at the moment.
Hope this motivates you as much as it does me....

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